Monday, July 11, 2011


I've always believed that dogs are boys and cats are girls.

I believed this when I was a child.

In spite of knowledge since acquired, I still believe this.

Dogs are boys and cats are girls.

Don't bug me.


Anonymous said...


Leah said...

No idea why..but this just made my day. Still laughing...out loud, all by myself. Gotta love ya David!

Anonymous said...

I told this to my very male cat. He advised me that if you told him, to his face, that you believed he was a "girly" cat -he would shred off your arm and hit you with the wet end. :)

David Berner said...

Not to worry.

I have made an appointment for your cat who thinks he is a male with my friend, the Pet Psychiatrist, Dr. Purrfect. Or, is that Dr. Furpicked?

No matter.

The good doctor only asks that your cat lay off the gin for 7 hours before his appointment...if at all possible.

Otherwise we will have to stroke her fur the wrong way. And you know how painful that can be.

Anonymous said...

I really had a laugh too.

My son and family have dogs, I have a female black cat. She is the undisputed boss of all the dogs. She rules with an iron paw.

She stands in the pathway, and won't let the dogs by, so whining is in full force. She steals their beds, more whimpering. She stands in front of the water bowl, more upsets.

My son was getting the dogs food ready. The cat positioned herself. When the dogs came tearing up from the basement....As each dog would run by, she swatted them. The cat did absolutely everything she could think of, to upset the dogs.