Monday, July 11, 2011


Oil, illegal drugs and Big Pharma.

These are three of the four biggest businesses in the world.

But the fourth is also the largest and most profitable.

It is also the one least discussed in public.


You know, guns, bullets, bombs, planes, drones, Humvees...

These little enterprises, which prop up the economies of most producing countries in the world, are almost a secret.

How refreshing - if gruesome - then to see a major report in today's morning Sun:

Canada doing brisk business in arms: data

Military hardware exports rise

Of course, you can't sell a few killing machines without helping out the odd despot or mass murderer or two.

Just turn the page and read about the half-million people huddled together in refugee camps in Kenya. Dadaab is hell on earth. And after the famine and the drought, came the war.

But hey, our exports are up.

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Sammie said...

How's that for the collective intelligence of mankind?

Our planet is going down the tubes, but hey we're still burning through what little of it is still standing.

Yah, and the arms dealers (our Canadian prime minister included) hide behind the myth of being there to build schools for girls, and spreading democracy.

Meanwhile back here at home our individual rights and freedoms are evaporating, and our children are being taught that "fighting" for our freedom is what they should sign up for.

Crazy old world, this.

Thanks David for being a refreshing voice in the bewildered-ness that Canada has become.