Saturday, July 9, 2011


Did you vote yet on the HST?

I did.

I voted "Yes," which, of curse, means No.

Life in La-La Land is like that.

But that's not the story.

The real issue is whose cousin had the paper contract?

First you mark your ballot.

Then you put it in envelope A.

Then like, Ukranian dolls, you put envelope A into envelope B.

Then you put envelope B - which already hides away envelope A - into envelope C.

I am not making this up.

Then you put the whole happy package into a Canada Post mail box and hope that nobody is on strike this week.

Other question:

Whose cousin gets the contract for the 100,000 Haida-carved letter openers?

Democracy! Inclusion! Consultation!

Who cares if we never get a real summer!

We've got Christy Crispy Crunchy World - The Magical Forest of Envelopes.

Would you like no tea in your sugar?


Anonymous said...

David, I voted NO which of course means yes. After placing A into B and and b into C I noticed that 4 more ballots were sitting on my kitchen table. Ive been warning my wife and kids (25 years old and up) not to worry I would vote for them. I figured that way when you add all of the Liberal MLAs and their family members there would be 5 extra votes. Well my wife told me to keep my paws off of the other ballots as our vote total will likely be one NO and four Yes. This all begs the question how many households arent as democratic as mine. I know some cultures where peoples votes are influenced by threats, violence and corruption. Some vote in blocks.It would be pretty easy for someone to fill out as many ballots as they could get their hands on. Oh yeah the signature? Instead of checks and ballance we have the honor system

Anonymous said...

I guess, this is how it feels, to live in never, never land.

The BC Liberals go out of their way, to be as ridiculous as possible. They should all have a mental evaluation. That may be the one hope we could have, to be rid of them.

Evil Eye said...

Yes means no and no means yes?

Sounds like going on a date.