Thursday, July 7, 2011


If you read no other editorial column this week, do yourself a favor and read today's piece in the Vancouver Sun. It is one of the best and most important items I've read in a long, long time.

Education of aboriginal children must be top priority

Issue has been acknowledged -but not addressed -since the 1960s

Tomorrow, the paper promises solutions, and I will eagerly await this follow-up.

But I can tell you right now what two elements must be.

1. Recruit, hire and deploy a kind of "navy seals" cadre of dedicated teachers who are prepared to start tomorrow and work very hard and very closely, one-on-one when necessary, to inspire aboriginal children to the joys and rewards of learning.

No studies or commissions please. Just do it.

2. Gather the parents and families and shake them from their liassez-faire approach to fostering and encouraging their kids to succeed in school. Do whatever it takes to bring families into that sense of pride and accomplishment that is essential for kids to revel in learning.

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Anonymous said...

Some First Nations children, don't even know what a real school is. Many of them attend school in portables. The children, have to keep their winter jackets on, to keep warm.

What is really important is. First Nations parents, must teach their children, about their culture. They must make sure their children keep their languages.

Many of us consider the F.N. people, the stewards of the eco systems. It is important, that the elders teach the children of their band. To protect the wild life, rivers, lakes, streams, the sea and the land. Those are their food sources which, they rely on to help feed their people.

Because, the greed of our governments and politicians. The day may come, where the F.N. lands, may the only place left where, we may see wild life.

Scientists have found acid in our ocean, right up to BC's shores. They had thought, the acid was way out in the deep. Our oceans are dying, they can no longer keep, absorbing all of the carbon monoxide and oil spills.

However, to the giant oil and gas company's, mines, and, the destruction of our farmlands, by flooding for dams, and urban sprawl, greed comes first.

The said huge corporations, are too stupid to figure out, we can't drink oil, we can't eat silver, gold and copper, nor poisoned animals, nor eat vegetables from contaminated soil, can't eat poisoned fish. We can't breathe poisoned air.

Even Harper, should know better than that. It seems he doesn't. He is going to force the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty oil tankers, for China and the U.S. into our beautiful northern coast.

There was another pipeline burst into the Yellow River, of Yellowstone Park. Does that teach, our idiot politicians anything? Hell no, they seem to become, more stupid everyday.