Thursday, July 7, 2011


This comment came from a regular contributor. I thought it deserved a post of its own. Read it and weep.

My son is a student at Lord Byng -- his French teacher (I won't name her) likes to check her Facebook account during class (which she leaves open on the computer, with no concern that a) the kids can see it; b) that it might be considered inappropriate; and c) that it sends a message that she is less than interested in her little charges and that it's really NOT all about the students). Did I mention that she also is in the habit of texting during class?

Toward the end of the first and second terms (although I understand that is going to be cut back to once per year) we are given the opportunity to set up 5 minute interviews with our childrens' teachers -- for the first term interviews we were unfortunately unable to get even one interview (and we weren't the only ones). Did they schedule another evening (I mean, we are talking 5 bloody minutes per student!)? Of course they didn't. I contacted each of my son's teachers by e-mail asking for some feedback in the form of a meeting or, at the very least, a phone call. Only one teacher met with me, the rest (with the exception of the aforementioned French teacher) replied that everything was fine and a meeting wasn't necessary. In order to get a basic (and I do mean basic) reply from the French teacher, I had to send two e-mail messages and leave two 'phone messages (the later a complaint to the counsellor) before a response was received. Perhaps I should have texted or Facebooked her!

Professional would be the last word I would use to describe this lot.


Dylan said...

Unfortunately, most teachers have stopped "teaching" and "inspiring" and are now in the easier business of "assigning..." There is no excuse for this except laziness, and we all know that human beings always take the easiest route in life, which is our nature... worst of all, unless you rape or murder a child, as a teacher you are not held accountable for your efforts or lack thereof. This is lunacy! In what other profession can you do exactly as you please, without reprimand? As long as these "educators" can get away with this crap, they will, believe me, and our children and our country and the world will suffer.

Evil Eye said...

I think her clone teaches in South Delta.

We have a teacher who does nothing but chat on facebook during class and if you are a boy, you are hooped as she doesn't talk to boys, coz "she doesn't like them".

It is a bizarre situation and I have a perfect situation, go to York House or Little Flower, not many boys there.

Somehow, I think, they would not hire her; but we live in a politically correct world where being bizarre is normal and it one complains, you are a........take you pick.

I, like many other parents stay silent with this nonsense, lest the little darling fails our kid.

Anonymous said...

I was so surprised to read, parents must now pay, school bus fees. $200.00 for one child, $300.00, if you have two children take school buses. I do believe, that will occur, next school term in the fall.

I was introduced to a mother of six, she home schools her children. I was thinking of the hefty price, of school bus fees for six kids. I was also astonished, how many children are home schooled. That, they dissaprove of, the quality of education offered these days.