Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We all knew that Wally was the worst possible choice to oversee an investigation into why it took the police so long to begin looking for the killer(s) of missing women in the DTES.

And he has proven us right again.

He phones the AG - who has since had the good sense to resign - and leaves a blathering chatty message full of personal opinions and random brain farts.

Now he takes to his favorite resource - open mikes and sound bites, the always available tools for the true public drama queen in us all - to seize the front pages.

Please, Wally.

Leave the deaths of women to the grown-ups.

Go quietly into this good night.

I am sure that there is a fishing lodge or ceramics shop on Saturna or Gabriola that needs a nice friendly new landlord.


Anonymous said...

David, I love you – perfect assessment of this odious man. Every single word.

It grated me to hear the mainstream media fawn all over him for years.

Mr. Oppal is an example of the kind of people who have been elevated to BC Supreme Court judgeship. No wonder the BC Judiciary is becoming so disrespected.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bamfield? it is the end of the road and he should take it.


harriet hedgehog said...

Wally Oppal would not have attained his position in BC without being a person of colour. You are right David, he is a f*ck-wit.
It is a travesty of justice and financial robbery of the people of BC that the Inquiry into the Missing Women Case is a joke before it even begins.

How can we stop this crap David? I feel like the proverbial boy with his finger in the dike - how much more bs must BC citizens endure? I'm ready to swing a 2 by 4 with extreme prejudice so please let me know asap where to aim it!

Evil Eye said...

I wish Wally Oppal take the Wally- Wagon (the Wally Wagon is the 609 TransLink bus service that operates in South Delta, from the rec. centre to Tsa-Tsu Shores on the TFN. This hourly bus service, sometimes more in peak hours, carries about 5 people a day!)on a long trip and set up shop, say in Alberta.

Oh yea, forgot to mention Oppal the Opaque used to live in Tsa-Tsu Shores, he may still do, but I rather doubt he has ever taken a bus.

Diverdarren said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, the corrupt politicians, police, and the elite, do respect their judicial system and special prosecutors. We pay for it.

The everyday citizen, can't afford justice in BC. We can't get off a DUI, we don't get special prosecutors either. So the average joe, gets the book thrown at them, and pays through the nose.

These days. Canada is rotten to the core with corruption. BC finally beat Quebec out, for the most corrupt province in Canada. Then they wonder why there are riots.

Anonymous said...

Oppal. Heed, Basi , Virk, Grewel, the list of Indo Canadian politicians that have brought third world tactics to Canada is long and tiresome. Loyd Axworthy was WRONG


Angela Squires said...

While there are many decent, hard-working and admirable Indo-Canadians I must agree Wally Oppal is not one of them. I find it hard to imagine a white person of Oppal's incompetence rising to such eminence and receiving such largesse from the public purse.
How can we stop this blatant racism? As anyone who has tried to get comprehensible service in English from various government departments will agree, there exists a blatant racist bias in public service!