Saturday, August 27, 2011


Bogie said it best in a certain movie set in North Africa.

"What happens with the HST doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this world."

Killing this offensive tax may or may not be fiscally imprudent. What do I am know? I am poor and stupid.

But, when all the accountants have gone back to the front nine and the snickering, chortling and gagging have drifted off into the fog, here is what we will remember.

An arrogant, out-of-touch Premier - his name was Gordon Campbell - made a colossal balls-up of introducing a new piece of legislation. You'd think he would have learned something after all those years in public life. But no. Like Napoleon driving into the snows of Russia, Campbell simply threw this affront to the masses. A pox on their ignorant houses. Take this, ye specks of dust!

Christy, who thinks she is so clever by a half, ran head first right into the oldest trap in the book: Be the next guy after the big mess. Get covered in someone else's goo.

Yes, the old tax may not be the greatest thing since the cell phone.

But for the suffering crowds, it is a huge and laughable pie in the face for those untouchable captains of government and industry.


Terry Hewitt said...

Gordon Campbell was simply blinded by the absolute good fiscal sense of implementing the HST when he did - particularly in view of Ontario having adopted it, and the federal government holding out a substantial financial incentive. He sincerely knew that it was best for the province - and he was right, as time will unfortunately now prove. His mistake was that he forgot that in the poisoned world of politics, a confident, informed leader can't simply do the right thing, even when its a "no-brainer". A good portion of the electorate expects that a leader should first spin, pander, and suck up to them, before deciding to do anything.

Now for Christy Clarke - she gets it - she plays the game - but how good will that be for the province?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at Mr Hewitts coments. Its hard to find right leaning bloggers. I agree with his assesments and echo his sentiments.

Gordo could have done abetter job implimenting the tax but it was a fare tax that would have kept us on an even field with Ontario.

As for Christy you nailed it she is left holding Gordos doo doo bag. It will be interesting to see if she can recover and make the BC Libs a force again


RossK said...


If Anon-Above could tell Mr. Berner's readers precisely how a consumption tax that forces single Mom's of limited means to pay extra for their infant's diapers while at the same allowing a wealthy matron off the hook for the little bit extra she paid previously when buying a $55,000 SUV is 'fare' (sic), well....

I, for one, would be all ears.

Further, if Mr. Hewitt could explain how asking for this type of blatant pandering to the New Car Dealers Association (see link above for a direct quote from the president of said association trumpeting such pandering) to stop happening, immediately, is forcing elected officials to 'suck up' to the majority of the electorate, I would also be most grateful to hear of it.

Thank-you very much.


John Allison said...

The HST was good for business and terrible for the consumer. As a consumer I paid plenty so I'm glad to get rid of it. Just thought I'd post a link to a sleeper article that the Vancouver Sun actually ran (but none of the main stream media picked up on) which illustrated why Gordo just couldn't turn down the 1.6 billion HST gift from Harpo. Hardly good fiscal sense!

Evil Eye said...

Oh I love the HST, it was the best tax ever, it finally drove our family to shop in the USA.

Fill-up of gas - savings $30
Milk, cheese and store specials - savings $25.

Monthly trip to Seattle (stay with relatives) shopping at sales, etc. - Savings $100

Annual savings - gas $1500.00+
Annual grocery savings - $800.00+
Annual shopping savings - $1,200.00

Where does this save money go:
1) extra property taxes
2) kids sports, swimming lessons, etc. $1000.00+
3)car repairs
4) The odd dinner out.

The sad thing is, the HST is now gone but our shopping habits will not change.

ron wilton said...

Anon 10:21 is quite correct.

It was/is a 'fare' tax, but nothing close to being a fair tax.

Anonymous said...

Well, Evil Eye. You saved big time, good for you.

How I save a bundle is, through our underground co-op and barter. I pay $5.50 for a chicken, as opposed to $15.00 and up, for a chicken at the supermarket, with globs of fat and skin hidden underneath where you can't see it. I buy all of my vegetables, fruit, eggs, beef, and any kind of meat I choose, and even some wonderful home baked bread. I saved over $2000, on my bathroom reno. I have my haircuts through the underground. All the food is fresh and clean. No mould, nor salmonella. And, I can actually have a steak, that I can cut with a steak knife. I don't end up giving these steaks to the dog. The hamburger will actually brown, and it isn't swimming in fat, nor injected with water. Never will I buy at another supermarket.

The price gouging in this province, is just sick, no controls at all. Campbell's hydro scam, is certainly going to hurt, Christy's family's first, and the rest of, Christy's second people too.

Anonymous said...

To Ross K.
The single mom will be able to diaper her child now because the HST is DEAD. The single mom will soon be able to collect welfare as the HST is dead. The single mom will get a good education get a great job and contribute to the economy because the HST id dead. All single moms can rest easy as the HST is dead


Angela Squires said...

Thanks for the link John Allison.

I think a majority are aware of this inequity in our tax system but throw up their hands saying, "What can I do about it?" The answer is lots but you have to be persistent, pushy and on occasion downright obnoxious! This could be why I've found several Canadians who are leery of or even dislike mouthy, shit disturbing Brits like me but we do actually get things done :-)