Thursday, August 4, 2011


1. To see announcements in the press that health authorities are giving out crack pipe kits to addicts is merely sad and predictable.

This idiocy is, after all, just another part of the harm seductionist strategy to encourage the legalization of practically everything.

So, biz as usual.

But to see the Vancouver Sun editorial writers endorse this destructive sham is very discouraging indeed.

Distribution of crack kits is good policy

Their worst argument comes late in the piece:

"As we have seen with Insite, Vancouver’s supervised injection site, the project could ultimately result in more users seeking treatment."

This is the most spurious, devious and untrue spin by the quasi-scientists who support Insite.

The bald faced truth is that the little shooting gallery has turned over very few addicts to treatment, as anyone in the real treatment business will testify.

A friend of mine says that Vancouver Health is now helping hm with a personal problem.

He has been beating his wife regularly for years.

Now, in the interests of harm reduction, he is being given soft leather boxing gloves to wear at home so as to leave no marks.

2. Should public servants be held to a higher standard of behavior than the rest of us?

Should those who work in the areas of public safety be cognizant of behavior that help or hinders public safety?

The assistant fire chief in Esquimalt is a drunk driver.


So he gets banned from driving for a while.

So his boss gives him a vacation.

Ze mind boggles.

3. The "Families First" Premier misses the Pride Parade and doesn't ensure that someone from the government or the party is there to represent either the government or the party.

This is not tragic or a slight or anything evil.

It is just flat stupid.

No planning. No thought.

If it doesn't spin, it's not our kin.


Jeff Taylor said...

What boggles my mind in this whole "harm reduction" crap, is why do they always leave out the alcoholics ? I think I know the answer .... if they gave out clean shot glasses to drunks laying on the sidewalks, people would scream bloody, blue murder. And yet, it seems (to some) perfectly ok to give a drug addict a new syringes or crack pipes. I don't get it ! I know, I know there's the claims of disease being spread by drug addicts, BUT what about the drunks having unsafe sex because they are drunk and not thinking properly ! Am I making ANY sense here ?
As for Captain Christy Crunch not showing up for the Pride Parade, maybe she didn't want to offend the HST supporters - many of whom I'm told don't support the parade mainly because they can't yet figure out a way to tax it !
The story of the drunk driving assistant fire chief, only brings more attention to the fact that we have two different sets of laws in our country. Does the letters, R C M P trigger any memories ?

Evil Eye said...

When will this nonsense stop, I mean giving freebies to drug users?

It seems, those in charge have either:

1) lost control of the situation and in the end don't care.

2) Firmly believe giving in to addicts, giving them all they want will cure them.

My cynical belief is that those who control the drug trade, I mean the fanciers, control the drug laws.

It is truly a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I think that we have almost reached the point where people will stop paying taxes. The waste is becoming unsustainable.
Week in and week out the stories just keep getting more and mor bizzare
Is there a country where comon sense is the norm?