Saturday, August 20, 2011


Barry Penner announced yesterday that he is resigning his post as BC Attorney General.

He wants to spend more time with his wife and daughter.

Fair enough.

He is heading to the women in his life. This is understandable.

But it is hardly the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Ask the other women in his life - his sister and his cousin and his aunt. (I don't rightly know if Mr. Penner has a sister, but if he did, I'd ask her and she'd tell me more than this public performance.)

What is much closer to the whole story and much more interesting is that Penner is running away from one woman inparticular.

Her name is Christy Clark and, at least for the next little while, she is the Premier of the province.

No doubt Mr. Penner is now officially part of the swelling legions of citizens who have come to see Premier Cark with a bit more clarity.

Delightful, charming, a fighter, an enthusiastic campaigner - yes, all that and more.

But she is not a policy maker or governor.

She hasn't a single idea with heft or depth or the possibility of living past the moment after it pops forth from her mouth.

One wonders if she even has or had at the outset a vision for what she wanted to accomplish in office or what she wanted the province to become under her tutelage.

No. She really just relished the race to the office and the trumphal moment of sitting in the big chair.

As a result, folks all around Ms. Clark are heading back to the sheep farms and goat teas.

At least the livestock don't pretend to offer anything more than wool and sour milk.

She will be gone from office within the year.


Robert W. said...

When I first heard the news, this is precisely what I suspected. I commend Penner for getting out of the lunatic asylum before things get even worse!

Gavin said...

Colin Hansen will be next to go. For years in various portfolios, Hansen represented the more human side of the Campbell regime and looked like a premier-in-waiting until the HST hit the fan. As finance minister he had to justify the government's turn-around and make excuses and implausible comments to back up Campbell. Result: end of career potential and any hopes of advancement or even re-election. Maybe a future as a cabbie or tour guide may be in the cards for Colin.

Evil Eye said...

Ah yes David, Ms. Clark is proving to be very forgettable, but who else in the Pandora's Box, once known as the BC Liberal party will command this barge of ship of state.

Kevin Falcon? Here we have Campbell's chief architect for ten years of very disturbing government. He is also very entwined with the still bubbling BC Rail scandal, that the mainstream media are desperately trying to downplay.

Yes Kevin Falcon will continue Campbell's provincial selloff and hit the poor with new onerous taxes.

Who else?

Everyone sitting under the BC Liberal banner is tainted with the sour taste of scandal.

When Ms. Clark goes (not if) who will take over?

ron wilton said...

Penner was at the helm as minister of the environment when Campbell was surreptitiosly selling out BC Hydro and our rivers to his supposed 'friends', and did nothing to raise the alarm.

I suspect part of Penner's motivation for leaving is to not face the music now that the BC Hydro debacle is about to explode in his face.

It would also be interesting to know where Kinsella is moving to. Offshore perhaps?

Anonymous said...

If everyone is right about Ms Clark then she should call an election right now


Anonymous said...

Christy Clark is nothing more than BC's answer to Sarah Palin - minus the lipstick and good looks.