Thursday, January 5, 2012


The following comment was sent in response to our postings of yesterday and the day before about harm reduction and abstinence-based prevention & treatment.

David, I grew up with an alcoholic father then an alcoholic step father. Then I was an alcoholic. I quit drinking 22 years ago. I have raised 3 sons one who was addicted to cocaine. If the do-gooders that want to enable drug users could have lived the hell my family endured with drugs and alcohol they might not be as keen to enable. My sympathy goes out to the eye and his infirm mother. My mom also just gets by. Because she isnt dead broke and because she is able to get about in a power chair she gets little or no help from the do gooders. When we sought treatment for our son it was available but it wasn't in our area. It took time and money for him to get treatment. If the do-gooders only knew the harm that they cause by enabling addicts and drunks they would stop.

To those that believe in abstinence keep up the good work. We live in a strange time. We allow governments to waste our money on so many crazy ideas that people with clear vision for recovery and treatment need to be heard.

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