Sunday, January 8, 2012


Safe handguns

By Paul Schober, The Province January 8, 2012

Kudos to whoever came up with the recent plan to distribute safe crack pipes to the needy. But it got me to thinking - couldn't we as a society be doing even more to help?

Not the drug users. I'm talking about the deplorable and hazardous state of many of the handguns used by some of our most desperate citizens when they feel it's necessary to shoot someone.

Cheaply made and improperly maintained handguns can back-fire and explode, seriously injuring or even killing their victim (I mean the shooter here, not the tar-get of the gun).

I suggest we initiate a government program to replace dangerous pistols with well-made and properly maintained Canadian-made guns. After all, these people are going to shoot anyway, regardless of our personal disapproval of the activity and their choice of lifestyle.

Each government-issued pistol would be hermetically sealed and come with a warning label, as well as a pamphlet encouraging alter-natives to gun violence like yoga or vegetarianism.

Paul Schober, Vancouver

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Anonymous said...

David you have the wrong picture. The barrel of the 'new' issue should be reversed. Aiding addicts in their use of drugs is wrong, plain and simple. Thus the new gun to aid them in self immolation. Oh! Just kidding. I can hear the howls already.


Diverdarren said...

Get a few highly regarded psychologists, and sociologists to categorize gun violence a disease. A new lobby/advocacy group to hold marches (VANGU). And some sympathetic court decisions stating it's not the shooters fault it's societies fault, and the
tounge-n-cheek article could be a reality.

Evil Eye said...

The difference between hand guns and drugs.

With hand guns, American crime Lords get wealthy.

With drugs, Canadian crime Lords get wealthy.

Giving free needles and crack pipes, just subsidizes those in Canada who grow fat on the proceeds of dealing drugs.