Thursday, March 1, 2012


84 patients have died with an infection at Burnaby General Hospital in the past two and a half years.


84 human persons.

437 cases of the infection at he hospital have been reported in the same period.

Here is the QUOTE OF THE YEAR...

Are you sitting down?

Because this one is breathtaking.

Here it is.

From the lips of B.C. Health Minister, Mike de Jong, "Burnaby Hospital is safe."


Jeff Taylor said...

I wonder if Mr. de Jong was in need of hospital care due to an accident he was involved in right between Burnaby and Vancouver, which city he'd insist the ambulance driver drive to ? Burnaby or Vancouver ? Mr. de Jong is obviously is either in a complete state of delusion or in a complete state of denial - or both. Any ways, why let the facts and the math of the situation at that hospital get in the way of this minister's Govt's decision making - past and present ?
On a personal note, I've just been told at the age of 47, that I need my left hip replaced. When the initial shock of the news faded a little, a sense of fear came over me knowing that sometimes the hospital stay is more dangerous than the actual operation is. Now this news story comes out. Lovely, just lovely.

David Berner said...

Dear Jeff,

I am sorry to hear about your impending hip replacement surgery, especially at such a young age.

My thoughts if they are of any use to you whatsoever -

Check and double check if there are reasonable and liveable alternatives. There may not be, but as a rule of thumb regarding surgeries, short of emergencies, a moment's pause is a often a good plan.

VGH is hands down the superior hospital in the province. If at all possible, choose VGH.

Best of luck and, if you proceed, a speedy recovery.

Grumpy said...

David, a year last New Years I almost bit the big one. Rushed by ambulance our local hospital in Delta, with 108 temp and a leg looking the size of a watermelon, I was diagnosed with having cellulites or an infection of the skin (almost like flesh eating disease), which is, I believe, akin to the problem at Burnaby hospital and many others.

In intensive care for two days and Emergency for a total of 7 days, I was sent home because there were no beds available.

For the next 6 weeks, I had to go twice a day to Emgerge. for intravenous therapy - but this is not the story.

I sort of became a fixture in Emerge and I had open ears to hear a lot of things.

One nurse candidly told me that when the Liberals tore up the hospital workers contracts, many hospitals including VGH and Burnaby, hired contractors to clean, many contractors were hiring barely literate immigrants, paying them a (then) beginners wage rate of $6 a hour and pocketing the rest, making tidy profits (which would make old Gordo smile).

Not so at my hospital where the cleaners were paid good wages (supplemented by the hospital foundation)and did a good job keeping the place clean and disinfected.

The hospitals in the region who did not have good cleaners are riddled with infection and other disasters and I would never go to VGH, UBC, or Burnaby, as your chances of contracting secondary infections are extremely high.

The upshot of all this is the BC Liberals, by tearing up contracts of hospital workers, have laid a foundation of disease and pestilence, in hospitals, which managing bureaucrats overseeing the fiasco are too stupid to realize the need for thourough cleaning and disinfecting.

As ye sows, so shall yea reap.

Jeff Taylor said...

Thanks David. I'm taking your advice to be sure. It seems that the Surgeon I'm seeing is gently pushing a hip replacement sooner than later. I'm trying to educate myself on the whole situation I find myself in. I just went for an MRI and awaiting the results but the x-rays I had last month more than idacated that my hips is shot. The MRI is for him to see more the inside of my hip joint and the extent of the damage. Any ways, whatever happens, I'll push for VGH should that be the only route for me. Thanks again.