Thursday, March 1, 2012


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Jeff Taylor said...

Mr. Smith's analogy pointing out that you wouldn't give a young person a drivers licence without some prior instruction was brilliant. Now, if only others could or would allow themselves to connect those same dots. I made a visit to their website and thought it was very balanced and informative. As I was looking over their website and thinking back to your interview with Mr. Smith, I couldn't help thinking to myself how things were when I was much younger and how things are these days with this thing called the internet. I think it's fair to say that there's really no excuse or reason for people to plead ignorance in certain times of trouble. Within seconds, we all can have access to hundreds, even thousands of pages of information. Sadly, there are many in our society that choose to ignore all this information that's right in front of them in the comfort of their own homes and offices. Now for the sucking up .... another great interview David ! I try to tell as many people as I can to visit your blog. BC needs to hear and see that there's another side to so many issues we fact day to day. "without public discourse, democracy is but a whisper" Love that quote.