Saturday, July 7, 2012

The case of the S & M Mountie raises some very deep and important issues.

What part of anyone's life is private?

What are your personal sex life and choices to do with me?

Why did JFK and countless Presidents before him have many mistresses without the knowing press exposing them, while no modern President could possibly escape public attention for "wandering?"

Must police, athletes, entertainers, celebrities, teachers, politicians (who are, after all, law makers) and judges hold to a higher standard than labourers or ornithologists?

There may or may not be ready answers to these and similar questions and there may or may not be a broad general principal available in such inquiries.

But in this specific instance, I think the lines are reasonably clear.

The fact that Cpl. Brown enjoys torture sex scenes in his private life is not only no concern of mine, but please, sir, don't bore me with your war stories. I have no interest. And you have the right to engage in any sexual practices that are consensual and do not result in injury or death.


1. Putting yourself "out there" on video is just flat stupid. It could also be interpreted as the height of narcissism and ego or a pathetic cry for help. Whatever it might be, it's shamefully idiotic. Which alone gives one pause to consider how much I want this fellow charged with protecting me.

2. The officer was somehow in the mix of the earliest part of the investigation into the horrendous Pickton murders of women. So, let me see if I understand this, because it's starting to feel like a case for Lisbeth Salander of Dragon Tattoo fame. A police officer who gets his sexual pleasures from torturing or pretending to torture and slice up women is somehow on the scene and knowledgeable about the worst torturer of women in local history. Now, we can be really worried.

Our Provincial Justice Minister, Shirley Bond, has weighed in on these events:

S&M Mountie won't be asked to quit

 But Bond disappointed by officer's actions
Excuse me?
No one deserves to lose his or her job without due process, but I am hearing no noises off that this officer is being thoroughly investigated. Yes, there is some inquiry, but what is it?

If this man's personal behaviour has not sullied an already much battered force, what heinous actions would it take?

If ever transparency was called for it is now. much about the Pickton case has refused to come to light. 

Will we ever learn which upstanding citizens were regular guests at the party?


Anonymous said...


Throughout all of this, time and time again, I heard stories of wild parties at " the palace" attended by a wide range of people some alleged to be politicians and the like.

I am not aware of any detailed, independent examination of these stories except to hear the local police to state that the allegations were without substance. However the denial was never offically attributed to anyone.

There is much more to this....

Evil Eye said...

I agree with Mr. 1, there is a whole lot more to this story.

The "Eye" was told by a police type of some for the grim happenings at the Pickton farm, including the involvement of a rather nasty motorcycle club. The mixture of police, ppoliticians, and police at the illegal Piggy's Palace needs a criminal inquiry.

Opal the Opaque was put in charge as he was the right bungler to skim over the real meat of the story.

It was Opaques job to keep the police and politicians out of the limelight and Opaque has done his job well.

Anonymous said...

This guy's sexual preferences are, indeed, his own business. But if my teenage daughter is ever sexually assaulted or date raped, this is NOT the officer I want showing up at my door.