Saturday, July 7, 2012


There are many things to admire about Maui and to enjoy while there.

At the top of the list is that all beaches and beach access are public.

There are countless private and gorgeous homes and dozens of fabulous, pricey resorts, all hugging the seashore.

But all people, including Canadian visitors of less modest means, staying in relatively affordable condos for a week or two can have their morning and evening walks along the open ocean front or swim or body surf in any of the local waters.

This may not be the case along all American coast lines; I have no idea.

But it is a refreshingly democratic notion and one that I think most of us cherish.

Which brings us to this headline:

Point Grey Road seawall proposal draws mixed reaction

Some residents worry about environmental degradation, but others say a public walkway would reduce traffic congestion

This notion should be a no-brainer.

Of course, we should be able to walk and bicycle along the shore from Kits Beach to Jericho and beyond. Duh?

Any opposition is only about greed and status.


Now, let's see what of what stuff Vancouver City Council and Parks Board are made?

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