Friday, February 1, 2008

Anton is Kimmie's Mother - The SHOP MORE Solution


Madame CapriPants is one thing but, by this one, you have to wonder if some of these people are in need of some serious counselling. Can you believe Anton would say such a thing? How in heck do they get themselves elected?


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 12:42:44 -0800From: Obsessions Subject: Coun. Anton says" shop your financial woes away"To: cmontgomery@png.canwest.comCC:,
I felt sick to my stomach when I read Suzanne Anton's suggestions in the Province Wednesday, January 30, 2008 that "people should have simply shopped more" to save the plight of the merchants affected by the Canada Line construction. It must be 'just heavenly' living in those fluffy clouds, as this Councillor surely does!

You clearly have NO IDEA what struggles we have had to contend with - and continue to contend with long after closing our defenceless businesses due to Canada Line construction. Get your head out of your ass and give us 'self-employed risk-takers' and 'employers of Vancouver workers a break'! THINK about your idealistic and hurtful comments before you make them and save yourself your embarrassment and shame.

From a business owner who was 'forced' to close his Davie Street business because of the Canada Line construction: All of the merchants who have suffered under this project have been betrayed by this Government, and the unbelievable lack of social responsibility this project has shown is a disgrace to the City, Government and all Provincial leaders who have done nothing to help. Compensation now!

Alex Barker
Co-owner & Director

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