Friday, February 1, 2008

I Sustainable, You Sustainable, All God's Chillun Stainable

I received an email this morning from SCORE.

You don't know SCORE?

Good. Neither do I.

SCORE = Safer Crack Use, Outreach, Research and Education.

Were they smokin' when they came up with this cute moniker?

Well...the email was to invite me to a forum.

Here's what will be discussed at the forum: "ideas for sustainability of the safer crack kits."

Sustainability of ???

Next, we'll be getting invitations from hooker groups to discuss the sustainability of sexual organs that have been sold for dimes.

Some days you can just barely believe the world in which you live.

I say come to my conference. It's run by SLOB - Sustainability Lobby of Bank Robbers.

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