Friday, February 1, 2008

Massaging and Messaging Science- The New Canadian Sport

Note to your right our in-house Blog Credo: All Official Stories are Lies.

Note this morning's mildly terrifying fronte pager in the Sun : "Muzzle Placed on Federal Scientists."

Environment Canada - no doubt as efficient and helpful as Canada POst, Canada Revenue, Canada Geese and the CBC - has told all and sundry that they must never talk to the press. First call us, then we'll get the reporters to submit their questions in writing, then we'll collect your thoughts, then we'll put them through the washing machine, then we might say something in public.


A local climatologist says, "The concept of free speech is non-existent at Environment Canada. They are manufacturing the message of science."

Think about this.

What does an Ottawa PR flack know about science of any kind in any detail?

What does a politician?

This is truly sick.

The Prime Minister need cut this off at the pass as soon as possible.

He won't, but he ought to.


Anonymous said...

"The Prime Minister need cut this off at the pass as soon as possible."

If I'm not mistaken, isn't this how Harper operates? Why would he think it was out of line?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Santizing the output of scientists by politicians for their own political reasons is disgusting - and dangerous.
One more process borrowed from the republicans south of the border.

Anonymous said...

Heaven help us if Harper ever gets a majority government! I would like to see him vacation with GWB at a ranch in Texas - permanently. You mentioned GWB's smirk recently - ever taken a good look at Harper's grin?

MurdocK said...

Once again the parallel between the mother church of 1500 and the 'nanny state' can easily be drawn.

When will we awaken from this nightmare?

Once it becomes truly frightening...ladys and germs the temperature in the water for all us boiling frogs just went up another degree.

Did you notice?