Thursday, February 14, 2008

Build it and They Will...Arrive

Rich Coleman's mega-plan for the Riverview property is not bad at first blush.

I have nothing against development or large development. Such initiatives can be exciting and welcome, as this one may in time prove to be.

But there are already some questionable aspects to today's announcement.

- Coquitlam Mayor Maxine Wilson knew nothing about this huge plan. Now, I appreciate that the boys in Victoria see little local mayors as non-players, but would it have hurt to involve local people?

- The announcement includes this bit of mysterioso: "Newer specialiazed mental health centres in health authorities acorss B.C." Really? Where is this?

- The former Winnilington youth detention centre is now being refitted to be a place for mentally ill and the addicted? Really? More news. Who? What? How? When? This is all so much bs.

- The Riverview plan is modelled after "Springfield" in England, where two middle-class home owners have been murdered by mental patient neighbours. This information is most helpful to the NIMBYs. What, if any possible, precations are included in Coleman's plans?

- Whose cousin gets the contract? Buildings, cement, wiring, plumbing...a very small large fortune is represented here. It will be hard to believe that open tenders will be the rule on all aspects of this scheme.

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