Thursday, February 14, 2008

Volunteer, My Ass

The Victoria idea to pay snivel servants to leave their desks and "volunteer" for the Olympic stag is offensive on many levels.

I should pay taxes for workers who under-achieve at the best of times so that they can hang out at Whistler and watch the luge?

Real volunteers who actually you know, like, VOLUNTEER, as in give of their time and energies, should get in line behind paid "volunteers?"

And finally, the community needs volunteers by the thousands on a daily basis for hospitals, children, education, the elderly, immigrants, physically and mentally impaired and people stuck at home for one reason or another. Every volunteer who puts time and energy into the Big Bash would dp better service by volunteering today for something substantive and real and valuable.


Anonymous said...

I suspect many of the jurors from the
Picton trial were civil servants receiving full pay. That would explain their dumb verdict.
Also it would not surprise me, the sponsor corporations of the Olympics are paying their employees to be so-called volunteers.

PelaLusa said...


Yesterday I signed up to volunteer and posted my thoughts about it here. The moment I heard about the provincial employee "volunteers" being paid I immediately suspected what will probably transpire: these folks will get the cush jobs whereas the rest of us will be holding signs out in the cold. If this worst case scenario happens, it'll be quite pathetic indeed.