Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Local Anglicans are Wrong

It is a shame that local Anglicans have voted overwhelmingly in favor of splitting with their own local authority over saame-sex blessings.

The issue of same-sex relationships/marriages/unions is so enormously minuscule it always amazes me that anyone can get their knickers in a knot over it.

Let me ask you this:

If you can't tolerate Bob and Ted sitting the pew next to you, what can you handle?

Somehow you put up with all the rude offensive people who dash through your lives on a daily basis. (Yesterday, during my BIg Walk, a pleasant-looking woman driving her little boy home from school, absolutely made the clear decision to NOT stop from a considerable distance and drive practically over me. I was close enough to pound on her passing car. I didn't.)

So if you can tolerate all the idiots in your community and you know how shaky your own marriage/relationship/union is, what's the problem with putting up with Jane and Carole?

You don't have to dance with them, break bread or drop by for tea. All you have to do is LIVE AND LET LIVE. Or, DO UNTO OTHERS.

Not new ideas.


Steve said...

Gotta comment on this one. And I know I'll be flamed. But there's a lot of misunderstanding, and people are misinformed. I attended the church at the center of this controversy, and followed carefully the battles that were fought.

I have gay friends, I like them, I work with them, I sit next to them, I have nothing against them, and the vast majority of people in these churches feel the same. Including the clergy. In fact, intolerance is heartily discouraged.

The Anglicans in question are not against sitting in the pew next to a gay couple (and often do). They are against being forced to perform gay marriages. Which is what was really happening here.

But that's not all there is to this issue. There are also other issues of faith where the local archbishop insisted that he was right and the Bible was wrong, and was actually locking congregations out of their churches until they caved in to his demands.

The local archbishop also was going against historic Anglican doctrine, as well as the majority of Anglicans in the world to push through his own personal brand of new theology.

This issue was about the core of our faith - the truth of the Bible, and went a long way beyond gay marriages, and was never about homophobia or a dislike for gay people.

It WAS (at least partly) about the definition and sanctity of marriage, however.

But to say that Anglicans cannot tolerate gay couples is completely misrepresenting the facts. It was never about that.

It was about a single archbishop trying to bully an entire diocese into changing their belief in the Bible. Unfortunately, he knew how to play the media, and the churches in question were naive in that respect.

anonamoose said...

Being against same sex marriage does not necessarily mean one is homophobic.
Personally, I would like to see tax credits and pension benefits for all couples removed, and have everyone treated as individuals in this modern society.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Anglicans aren't the only ones not in complete agreement on this issue.
"Jewish Leaders Consider New Take On Gay Marriage
by Pat Warren
(WJZ) As the country turns its eyes to Maryland's landmark gay marriage lawsuit, leaders of the Jewish faith are considering a major shift in Judaism's take on the issue.

As WJZ's Pat Warren reports, conservative Jewish leaders will be meeting Tuesday to look at different interpretations of religious texts, which may offer more leniency when it comes to accepting homosexuality.

Just like other faith groups, Judaism's leaders are considering new ways to address homosexuality without completely forbidding it from the religion.

Some of the issues include whether or not openly gay members of the faith should be eligible to enter into the clergy or participate in legal marriages.

Tuesday's meeting could affect the views of the two million conservative Jews living around the world. ..."

I'll look forward to your future columns excoriating Conservative and Orthodox Jews.
You know, ask 'em what's their "problem with putting up with Jane and Carole?"

David Berner said...

Oh, I see.

What I was REALLY writing about was my secret hatred for Anglicans or Christians in general.

And I would NEVER question Jews about this or any other issue.

How little you know me and how little you know Jews.

Anonymous said...

I see. So your examination of this issue has included criticism of Jews as well. Where is the evidence of that, aside from your say-so? All we have is column after column of self-righteous ranting on the intolerance of Anglicans and not one word about the Jews. I'm sorry if I'm misinterpreting the evidence. How about showing me some. Or is empty sarcasm and snideness just easier?
"Oh, I see.

What I was REALLY writing about was my secret hatred for Anglicans or Christians in general.

And I would NEVER question Jews about this or any other issue.

How little you know me and how little you know Jews."

Touchy. Glass house a little warm this am?
How about something solid rather than simply "How dare you question me as I question others?"

Anonymous said...

"How little you know me and how little you know Jews."
And when did you become an expert on Anglicans?