Sunday, March 16, 2008

Barry J on Drugs, Legal and Otherwise

Hey David,

Big pharma and depression solutions is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg with the big publicly traded pharma companies.

The drugs they produce have more side effects, on average, than any good they could possibly do.

As for harm reduction, I say follow the money trail, yup, it leads right to big drugs companies. If they can legalize drugs for addicts and keep them wired they have an extremely lucrative revenue stream. Problem is Joe/Jill taxpayer will have to foot the bill cause the junkies will be all to stoned to do anything productive.

Every harm reduction conference has a major drug company sponsor, places like the Dr. Peter Center for Aids gets huge grants because all the doctors there have been trained to chant the harm reduction mantra.
Even the schools where doctors get their training are heavily influenced with sponsorhip by big pharma and the doctors that come out of them dance to the tune of their harm reduction masters, merely salesmen for the big drug companies.

Guys like Campbell, Owen and Sullivan have been duped. Why because the money that is behind this from guys like billionaire George Soros etc. makes for a never ending barrage of one sided b.s. and harm reduction is merely a cover for drug legalization. Could you imagine 15 years ago having a free government sponsored heroin program in Canada, probably not. My point is they are relentless in the quest to normalize drug use and then legalization will be easier ofr us to swallow.

The sad part is problems related to alcohol and tobacco cost more for tax payers than all the illegal drugs combined. Why because stuff like heroin and coke aren't legal yet, if they ever are young kids whose young minds are very impressionable will be more inclined to use these drugs and addiction rates will skyrocket.

I studied history on this subject and every case in recorded history where drugs were legalized addiction rates soared.

Hopefully one day those in power will see it for what it really is, I doubt it though.

Barry Joneson

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Jim said...

Where can I find these cases that show addiction rates soared when drugs were legalized?