Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Crime File

1) How do you get a conditional sentence for 2 bank robberies? In Canada? In Vancouver?

This fool walked into 2 banks on West 10th Avenue and demanded $10,000.

I live near those banks. I shop next to those banks and I deal with those banks.

I want a bank robber in my 'hood to get a conditional sentence???

I don't think so.

I want his sorry, ignorant ass thrown deep, deep deep in to jail.

His lawyer said the man was desperate to provide food for his fiance.

Remember "work?" Remember, "Excuse me, Mr. Cafe Owner, please let me wash your dishes and bus your tables. I am desperate for food and work."


2) The Axe Man wants an appeal of his much-applauded 9 1/2 year sentence. Now this is chutzpah.

He clobbers a boy in the head with an axe, leaving the boy a quadriplegic for life, and he thinks being raised to adult court and being given 9 1/2 years is a bit much.

Try that in a few other countries.

I hope this appeal fails miserably.


Corey said...

Why would anyone *work* these days? Don't you know it all be about the *bling bling*?

The adults dressed as kids on MuchMusic are telling us that it's possible to get it all - for nothing.

You don't need to work, you just take what you want - it all be about gettin' da bling!

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"1) How do you get a conditional sentence for 2 bank robberies? In Canada? In Vancouver?"

Answers own question. In canerduh one gets such a sentence. In Vancouver, its because of BC's current arrangement with canerduh.

"desperate to provide food for his fiance."

I'm going to assume he's illiterate, as the entire Metro Vancouver area is festooned with "now hiring", "help wanted" and even "work today - get paid today" signs.
Should spend a long, long time in the skookum house.

The Axe Man should never see the light of day again. Make a serious example of him and his savage pals. >:<