Friday, May 16, 2008

Feed the Hungry

The Abbotsford pastor is feeding the homeless in a downtown park and the Business Association _ always one's best moral guides - would like him to stop.

Like any good story, this one is not simple.

Conflicting rights and needs are at play.

Drug addicts and others hang about. People use the park as a toilet. That's what addicts and mental patients do sometimes.

One could argue that feeding "these people" only reinforces their willingness to hang out. Feed the geese, they have no need to fly south. Yah, we get it.

But when all the arguments are finally done, one simpole principle remains.

Feed the hungry.

Yes, there are better solutions. Yes, the city of Abbotsford should provide. Yes, yes, yes...

But until some wizard comes along with something better,

Feed the hungry.

The pastor is right, and bless him, and the Business Association should stuff a cardboard turkey deep upside its ass.

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