Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Girl

I would like to believe that justice was served yesterday when a jurt in Victoria awarded Willow Kinloch $60,000 in compensation for her encounter with the police three years ago.

But I have trouble accepting this story.

Drunk and violent and fighting with the police.

I wasn't there. I didn't see how cruel or violent the police may in fact have been.

But I still am not sold.

Perhaps I am an old fogie who has seen too much of a shift in our culture. Today, no young person is ever wrong about anything. No person can be limited, stopped, questioned, failed in school or a grade or a test, or criticised for bad behaviour of any kind.

Every child of four is armed with the Charter, and while they can't read or write much else, they've got this act down cold. They have rights.

Sorry, Willow. I just don't buy it.


PelaLusa said...

Yet another nail in the collective coffin for all of us. Just imagine the conversation between two drug addicts / criminals down at Main & Hastings:

"Hey man, did you hear about that chick in Victoria who got $60 G's after being in jail?"

"No dude, what happened?"

"The chick, man, she fought the pigs like a wild banshee and they had to cuff her. So then she got a choice lawyer and pleaded her Charter Rights, man, and she won, she won big bucks!"

"So dude, what does that mean for us?"

"Obvious, man, the next time the pigs arrest you, fight like crazy. Force dem to cuff you up and bruise you. Then cry to da judge and you'll be in da money too. Big bucks, baby, big bucks!"

Anonymous said...

If a parent treated their 15 year old brat daughter the same way, they would be charged with assault.