Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Making a Killing from the Food Crisis

Please watch this Real News video report.

It's an important antidote to the usual flimsy coverage and it's criminal in the deepest meaning of the word.

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MurdocK said...

Devlin Kuyek, the reporter/researcher/activist that was interviewed for the piece made the situation appear really simple and all planned from the start 30+ years ago.

While market controls and manipulations are certainly not outside of the possibility, monopolies are the root of the problem. True competition hurts and reduces profits, so whenever you read about massive profits, consider why, quite often it is a monopoly (or in this case oligopoly) that is the winner.

The 'food crisis' has grown from a number of factors all hitting together, and to my knowledge there are no monopolies controlling all of these disconnected factors. Certainly astute businessmen could have forseen these factors coming and put things into place to 'make a killing' from them, but you cannot convince me that any person has control over droughts, cyclones or earthquakes which have pushed together with some of the issues Devlin Kuyek mentions to make the matter worse (for the consumers of these goods) and to the advantage of the sellers.

As far as Haiti is concerned I see their plight as directly linked to the total deforestation that started in the 1700's which has allowed much of the arable soil to erode since that time...Devlin Kuyek would see those decisions laid at the feet of which puppet masters?