Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Splain Me, Will Ya?

Could you explain something to me, please.

Yesterday - or was it the day before? - I saw six women on CNN.

They were a little make-shift panel of middle-aged, middle-class white and black women who are all voting for Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee.

So far, so good. No problemo. Got it. Good. Fine.

Now, they are asked, "So what if Hillary is finished? What if Obama takes the nomination?"

One of these otherwise seeming reasonable sane persons says, "I'll vote for the Democratic nominee."

Which is what I would expect from six Democrats.

But, no.

Hark. Five of these lunatics say, "I'll vote for McCain."


Gleek! Tilt!


I'm completely lost, horn-swoggled, tied up in knots.

You see, sputter, mumble, gag...

I'm of the persuasion that can't understand for one nano-second that a person disguised as a sentient human being voted for Nixon or Bush.

So, when five nice ladies who are sworn Democratic card-carrying members, say that if there is no Hillary, they will be voting for this pathetic old Republican geek, I, uh, well, hm....



Anonymous said...

There appears to be a not-so-subtle shift on the part of the media to dissuade white middle class or working class (whatever) voters from voting for Obama. It's called racism and it's prevalent across the US as it is in Canada.

Perhaps someone with $20 million is suddenly going to pay off Hilary's debt so she can suck up more persuasively to the Super delegates. Reread your comments about Bush's win--perhaps something equally bizarre is afoot now.

Anonymous said...

A propos of nothing....except $$$

Just saw you on Street Legal--good performance. Hope you are getting residuals!

David Berner said...

Think that one was a buy-out.

But yesterday I got a cehque for about $150 for "Look Who's Talking" from 1987!

Last year they paid me over one thousand...

What a riot...

PelaLusa said...


They simply see the fraud that Barack Obama is and you don't ... yet. How people can even consider electing a completely inexperienced junior senator who has said some very strange things about foreign policy is beyond me.

But you and countless other Canadians just very well may get your wish. Then watch Operation Democrat Protectionism come into play.

As the old expression goes, "Be careful what you ask for!"


MurdocK said...

The US system is best viewed as a single party system - with two factions.

Niether 'party' Dems or Repubs cares anymore for what the 'people' want, think, etc.

It is all about control.

Since Bush Jr. took the 'walk' to the platform in a bullet proof limo that was being peltered with rotten vegetables the 'new' style was set and we should all expect MORE of the SAME from anyone in the whitehouse from now on.

Essentially the Patriot Act created a fiat dictatorship (to go along with the fiat currency). So now the trick is to have the right connections to 'appear' to be elected to the oval office, the ultimate shell game...with the entire media system as your shill!

nachtwache said...

I'm with Robert on this one, Obama seems very unrealistic about some rather important things, he's been dishonest and undecisive, a snob and a racist. The church he attends teaches black liberation theology, seems the founder of that 'religion' thought whites are the enemy and should ALL be killed and that his god hates whites. Hmmmm. Maybe for some people is a race issue, but not everyone. If it was someone like Martin Luther King, who had integrity, someone like him would be wonderful. I don't like the Clintons either, they're untrustworthy and will do just about anything to get what they want.
McCain is not ideal, but to me he seems a better choice. I understand that he's quite a liberal Republican, that should make some people happy.