Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Money of Color

What's the distance between Johannesburg, South Africa and Prestonburg, Kentuky?

Not as much as you might think.

In the shanty towns that mark the dichotamies of South African society, "foreigners" are being burned alive, tortured and murdered in ubspeakably horrible ways in what is now a week long paroxism of hatred and xenophobia.

The NY Times story is hard to read, but read it anyway.

Last week I asked why five women who are card-carrying Democrats would vote for McCain if Hillary lost.

I'm not very bright.

Now, reading about the struggle for votes in Kentucky and Oregon, the light has finally come on.

Life long Democrats, rooting for Clinton, have sworn that they wull vote McCain rather than give their vote to Obama.

O.K. I get it.





Make no mistake.

I am not calling you a racist because you may want to vote to other candidates. Not at all. You may have good reasoned, political arguments for choosing another candidate, and those ideas may be absolutely free of racism in any way, shape or form.

But when I see people who have been Democrats their entire voting lives, say they will choose the Republican rahter than Barak Obama, I can understand only one, sad thing.

Looks like we have some way to go.


PelaLusa said...


I'm glad you added the caveat but even the implication that one has to consider whether they're a racist if they feel that Obama is the wrong choice for America is below the belt.

Such tactics are exactly the same ones employed by the Obama campaign to stifle all vetting of their candidate.

There are many reasons why people might vote against Obama, including this one.

Have you thought about taking a holiday? :-)

nachtwache said...

The story about South Africa is about blacks killing blacks. Racism? Colour?
There are many reasons people wouldn't vote for Obama, I think race is the least of them.