Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I leave this afternoon for England and will not be posting my customary blather until I return in early June.

In stead, a new uncustomary kind of blather.

Starting on Friday, when I arrive in Edinburgh, or maybe Saturday, after I've had a full day of wandering about, I will add notes and photos to my new travel blog:


On Friday, May 30th, I will fly to Dublin - mostly just to claim that I once flew Air Lingus.

Eight nights on the River Liffey should be fun.

Bookmark the travel blog address and check it from time to time.



David in North Burnaby BC said...

Indeed, you can tell everyone you cunningly flew Air Lingus.
Shlante, Sir David.

MurdocK said...

Well David,

Once you get back here is a little item that might provide interesting cross-connection for your witty mind.

It would appear that Afghanistan is now a dumping ground for Iranian addicts...

The Real News from the Guardian.