Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Luck 2010

This foto taken from The Province website is (add adjective here)...horrifying, amazing, chilling, scary, prophetic...

You can watch the Global video here, and read the coverage here.

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Anonymous said...

Dateline 2010 - Location BC - 2010 Olympics cancelled because of unstable mountains on the 'Sea to Sky' highway route.

Highways Ministry spokesperson stated, "due to 5 years of continued blasting for new highway construction has rendered the 'Sea to Sky' highway unsafe for motor traffic."

VANOC spokesperson is quoted in saying, "VANOC is unable to refund Olympic tickets due to lack of funds."

IOC spokesperson is quoted as saying, "The IOC will sue the province of BC for the full cost of the 2010 fiasco and the 2 week moving of the event to Salt Lake City."

The provincial premier and highways minister are in seclusion in Hawaii.

CN Rail suing the BC provincial government for loss of the railway, a cost more than the original sale!

And the Olympic naysayers, "I told you so!"

An enquiry is scheduled to take place after the end of the Basi/Virk/CN Rail case is concluded, sometime in 2015.