Wednesday, July 30, 2008

O.K. Sorry.

Last week, I wrote in this space about Vancouver City Councilor Tim Stevenson's recommendation to council that money be spent on attracting lesbian tourists.

I criticized Stevenson for what I felt was a frivolous motion and for an idea I felt was best discussed with Tourism Vancouver.

Tim Stevenson phoned yesterday and gave me the background of this story, including the fact that this was, indeed, an initiative of Tourism Vancouver. The agency had already spent about $100,000 marketing to gay travelers, but had not spent any money targeting lesbian tourists in particular. It also had no more money in this year's budget to do so, and thus needed a council motion to add $25,000 for this expenditure.

O.K. Fair enough.

I appreciate Tim's call and the info and I apologize for a hit that may have been uncalled for.


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Anonymous said...

"The agency had already spent about $100,000 marketing to gay travelers" Er, so let me get this "straight", monies need to be spent procuring Lesbian travelers because Lesbians don't know that they are Gay? Gary.