Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Gulag are we in?

Vaughn Palmer continues today to put the wood to the Great ICBC Cover-Up.

Hiding behind transparently guffy legaleeeeze, the Liberal government refuses to inform the public
in any meaningful way about this disgraceful misuse of public monies.

ICBC and BC Ferries almost daily demonstrate the problem with basic or essential services being transformed int arms-length corporations.

On these matters, Premier Campbell has no legs on which to stand.


Anonymous said...

What it does show is the utter corruption of the Liberals. In fact, the Campbell Liberals may go down in history as one of the most corrupt governments ever!

The combined silence of all, just confirms their collective guilt. To bad the NDP have such a 'wet noodle' leading them, a leader as inept as the Liberals are corrupt.

We are certainly leading into evil days!

Anonymous said...

And I thought that the Federal Liberals had the "Culture of entitlement" all sewn up! Well, I have been proven wrong again!