Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Georgia on Our Mind

Thre is a revealing editorial in this morning's NY Times regarding the Russia-Georgia conflict.

The piece is written by Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union.

The claim is that Georgia - and the U.S. - have much to answer for.

Read it.


PelaLusa said...

I agree that Russia has not been treated well since 1989. But if you're responsible for taking care of a neighbour's pitbull but instead mistreat it, what should happen to the pitbull if it runs all the adjoining houses and destroys them? Should the pitbull be pitied? Should nothing happen to the pitbull?

There's a HUGE difference between the way the U.S. treats countries it has had difficulties with vs. the way Russia does.

To the best of my knowledge, countries like Japan, Germany, the Philippines, Mexico, and those in Central & South America are allowed to run themselves, making as many mistakes as they want.

But we're all brutally aware of what happened in East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech republic, the Slovak republic, Ukraine, and Georgia (to name a few) when the Russian nee USSR military has entered those countries. A very different story.

nowhere man said...

Ossetians will realize they were better off with the Georgians.
I can't believe any of that drivel written by Gorbachev.

Anonymous said...

Russian special forces in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Saakashvili deluded himself into believing that Georgia had the approval and support of the entire west - the US, NATO and the European Union - in their plans to 'consolidate' their hold on the Russian enclave S. Ossetia.

This will set back the spread of democracy in eastern Europe by at least another decade.

The EU will not allow a country that just invaded a neighbour to join its club.

And NATO? Well read on.

Also - The involvement of the Americans is unknown. Some rabble rousers are claiming that Georgia received Humvees and mercenaries before moving into Ossetia.