Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Insight

Knee-jerk. Simple-minded.

These are the accusations thrown at anyone who dares questions the official story called Insite.

Federal health Minister Tony Clement is daring exactly this and he is being torn asunder in the press.

Today, the Vancouver Sun has launched a broadside at Clement and the Harper government in their lead editorial.

But understand how this game is played.

Not willing to do anything substantive about addictions, one government after another, federal, provincial and local, has dithered.

The FOur Pillars and Needle Exchange and Insite seemed ready answers. Big swift solutions.

So The Three Amigos (Mayors) and the 200 social service agencies in the DTES hopped on board the bandwagon.


You tell me.

Now, if you don't buy into the Official Story you don't understand a complex problem.

You are simple minded and knee jerk and law-and-order.

Ooooooooh. How bad!

The editorial makes the laughable claim that no government stood idly by.

The truth is that ALL the governments have stood idly by, ignoring the small pockets of real work being done in rehabilitation and treatment.

What is passing these days for treatment is gas.

A poor misguided fool writes in a letter to the editor today that for Insite to really be effective it should also give out free heroin. Why? Because then you could talk to the addicts about treatment and it would cut down on crime.


Now here is a fellow who truly knows nothing about addictions.

1. You can't talk to a drunk or a hopped up junkie about anything. You can only talk to someone who is detoxed and clean and sober.

2. What treatment?

3. Junies want more. They will continue to commit crimes to buy more illegal junk after their free hit.

The ignorance on these issues is frightening.

And it is this ignorance that keeps the Editorialists and 200 social agencies and Insite supporters in business.


Steve said...

When did "law-and-order" become a pejorative?

Anonymous said...

Apropos this subject -- A few days ago, I watched a Dr. Phil program. He was interviewing a female alcoholic and two of her at-their-wits-end daughters. A third daughter refused to participate.

That woman had been an often falling-down drunk the entire life of those, beautiful, girls.

Apparently, Dr. Phil also lived that life in his own family since he was four years old; he was not in the mood to pull punches about any expectation that the woman was capable of quitting drinking to improve her deteriorating health. Paraphrased, this is part of what he said --

"You have lied to your daughters; you broke promises; you ruined much of their lives as they grew up; you let them down over and over again - at home, in their schools and in their relationships with their friends.

"There is no point thinking that your brain is in any condition to make rational choices. There is no point to trying rehab - two to three weeks or months is not going to cut it, YOU... ARE...ADDICTED. Your promises mean nothing. I know that and you know that."

Then, he went on to explain that, if she was to make a committment, he had flown in one of the best treatment experts in the country, who would fly her back to his facility and begin the treatment process...

"And, if you agree to do that, you are going to be gone a loong time. A year, year and a half, we don't know; but it's sure not going to be a rehab vacation."

So to pick up where you left off, David - what makes the Insiteful so sure that a quick trip into the Hole-in-the-Wall shoot-em-up gallery, is ever going to set drug addicts on the straight and narrow?
You tell me.

Good on Minister Clement!

Liz J.

PelaLusa said...

Bob Rae's in town. He's spewing the same pro-Insite venom. All the parties you mentioned will be reaffirmed in their sick beliefs. Yoo Hoo ... NOT!

Anonymous said...

I read the same letter in the paper.
Free heroin?
Let's open the liquor stores for free, crack for free and crystal meth for free.
Won't that be fun!
An entire city filled with lurching around, addicted individuals.
WAIT. We already have that and things aren't free.
Addiction has nothing to do with what things cost, it has to do with
an insatiable craving for a substance.
I'd never hire a meth addict, whether they got their substance for free or not. Bye bye money in the cash register.
A clean and sober addict is a different story.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Bob Rae, well there is a winner if I ever saw one. I am tired of the Rae's (Eastern Canadian 'elites'), who think the average Canadian is a dolt and they know so much better.

I wonder if Bob Rae could run Insite any better than he ran Ontario.

God help us from these "we are better than you" crowd.