Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Out with the Old

What could be clearer about this provincial government's priorities.

They are rushing to close a publicly funded and run old folks home on the Island so that they can have a private care home open.

Read the Province story and toss your cookies.

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vancouveriste said...

I was in Duncan over the weekend and the signs to "Save Cowichan Lodge" are everywhere. This may be a bigger Liberal mistake than the mandarins' raises and Gordon's private jet to Beijing.

Cowichan Lodge is situated in park-like grounds on the road to Maple Bay. The replacement facility is behind a service station, right beside the Highway. Not a tree in sight, and very little parking for visitors.

It is hard to understand how a building that is less than 30 years old can be outdated. "Experts" say that there is mold in the lodge, though none has been found, and that the doorways are too narrow to accommodate wheelchairs, though apparently the resident with the widest chair demonstrated to the "experts" that she had no trouble negotiating the doorway.

It would be interesting to know who benefited from the construction of the new facility, and what will happen to the Cowichan Lodge land, which is apparently under a covenant controlled by the Lodge auxiliary, at least for now. It is prime land in an area that is developing rapidly.