Thursday, September 25, 2008

Behind Door Three

Mike Howell, staff writer has given us an excellent front cover piece in this Wednesday's edition of The Vancouver Courier.

Our good friend, Victor, has exactly the same reaction to a key element of this story. The foto says it all.

But here is Victor's take:

"If you want to know everything that's wrong with Canadian politics,
please look at page four of today's Courier. There is a picture of a
bus load of Punjabi women being delivered to vote in the Vision
Vancouver nomination meeting. Sadly, the bus is a school bus, an
ironic image speaking volumes.

The greatest disrespect that can be shown immigrants is to use them as
ballot box cattle. This is a technique mastered by the Liberals over
the last 40 years but it is sickening to actually see it documented.

Please spare me the bullshit about participation in the democratic
process. Remember the Punjabi women who died in the crash of that farm
workers bus a while back. Police who interviewed other women working
at the farm reported that they could not recite their addresses and
phone numbers. In either language.

The women that Vision Vancouver herded to the meeting were undoubtedly
on a par. An ethical reporter would have interviewed them on the
aspects of Vision policy that they supported. But that would have been
deemed culturally insensitive. So we pretend and preen in or
multicultural delusions. Disgusting."

There were many reasons that I gave for not running for office. Perhaps I didn't mention or emphasize enough this kind of appalling nonsense passing for democratic process.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

Yet another example of the travesty of democracy that is canerduh.
Pass the sick bag, Ethel.

Anonymous said...

David, the entire system must be changed or the country, province, and cities will fall into a dictatorial zoo, where the powerful pervert our pathetic democracy into ethnic dictatorship.

That we don't live in a true democracy is telling and third world corruption is now "they way its done.'

A friend of mine who is South Asian, and born a Sikh though not orthodox and like my church going goes to temple for weddings and funerals, is being blackmailed to vote for certain parties or 'bad things will happen.'

I told him go to the police, but they did nothing. I told him go to the media, but the media is friendly to the person he is supposed to vote for.

I told him move away.

His house is up for sale. But where will he move to? Will the evil forces of ethnic politics follow him.

He is looking for a home in political ridings with all white candidates as he said to me, "you white guys don't practise Indian politics yet and I hope you never will!"

Canada is a chilling little banana republic with corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, all conspiring to turn this country into a police state. The forces of evil are at the gates but the public are unaware or too scared to act.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: I have sad news - we already do live in a dictatorial zoo. Our democracy has already been Gordon Campbell and his crew as we have never seen the likes of before. I voted for that cadre in 2001, so it's not as though I am a died-in-the-wool 'lefty'.

I was scammed by promises Campbell never had any intention of fulfilling - as were all of the others who voted the Cambellinos 77of 79 seats...and just as 133 of 188 castrated municipal councils were, when they blindly signed onto Campbell's biggest blackmail of the century - The Carbon Action Charter. "You'll get your money rebated, but ONLY if you sign on to the Charter," says he.

As for Canadians of the B.C. stripe; they will only wake up when the speed bump comes to the end of their own driveways...and the truck is well on its way.

Liz J.

Anonymous said...

Well said. There is nothing to add. I need another couple of cups of coffee now....

Oh, Canada.
My *glowing heart* is dimming....


Anonymous said...

That and you have to be brighter than a 40 watt bulb.