Thursday, September 25, 2008


A 23-year-old Abbotsford resident was hit at 1 a.m while talking on her cell phone and sitting on the train tracks near the pier at the 15000 block of Marine Drive in White Rock.


Last week, a woman came within inches of taking out my son and I as we attempted to cross a street. The woman barrelled at top speed through a traffic circle while texting.

There is no question that somewhere out there is a Higher Power.

How else to explain the survival of the endless list of effing eejits who cross the street in the middle of the block with their backs turned to oncoming traffic?

The cyclists who don't wear helmets but listen to tunes whilst maneuvering busy streets, when but a few feet away are perfectly good and safe bike paths?

The only people in the known civilized world - Vancouverites - who drive left around traffic circles because it suits them?

The geniuses who sit on train tracks, listening to their MP3's and live to tell the tale?

The Lord is merciful.

Or a really, really Big Joker...


Anonymous said...

If someone sits on a railroad track, then one is contemplating suicide.

If I had my way, anyone hit or caught walking or even sitting on a railway track, would be put into a psychiatric ward for 90 days.

Why do people treat railways with such disdain? Are they fools? In short - yes.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Our dog and I were almost killed by a certain Burnaby realtor with a shaved head who was texting while driving his smart car through an occupied crosswalk one afternoon a while back.
Oh, did I mention its a school zone?
Not a week goes by I don't have some close call or another, the imbeciles that are out there driving ...
>:< as hell