Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Country for Real Men

My mind is made up.

You will never convince me that Gordon Campbell's carbon tax has ANY merit.

Tell me that transit will be seriously improved to the point where I can safely and efficiently catch a conveyance and I'll leave the little put-put in the garage.

Tell me that SUV's will be outlawed.

Tell me that every polluting industry will be ordered by law to cut emissions by 25%.

Tell me I can buy an electric car that is allowed to run on the streets of Vancouver.

But the carbon tax scam is ALL smoke and mirrors.

And this latest back-tread by the Preem to accommodate local municipalities is simply more pea-and-shell game.

Do not take this nonsense seriously. Do not pay it heed.

This is exactly the same silver bullet "thinking" that brought you the Community Court and safe injection sites and on into the night...


Anonymous said...

Carbon tax = SkyTrain RAV tax. I predicted this 2 years ago and after listening to Falcon early this week, its a done deal.

Falcon is considering a gas tax to bailout TransLink after it will go bankrupt in 2012, funding the hugely expensive RAV/Canada Line - forced upon TransLink by Gordo and Falcon and the rest of the Liberal mob.

Carbon tax is a RAV tax.

Anonymous said...

One night I watched Al Gore in a US interview. He talked about all the ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES presented by global warming. My immediate thought--the hucksters are at it again. Then I read a story about a British Judge having qualified persons review Gore's BIG
MOVIE. Wow. The judge said the only way the DVD could go to British school kids was if it were accompanied by a list of 9 factual errors in the film. We're being suckered at every turn. Local environmental groups who rushed to Victoria to praise the carbon tax
act(without having read the new law) were fodder for a photo op. This group has no shame and no conscience. And now with the global recession, what do you suppose we will have here in 2010?

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Carbon tax is a RAV tax."

And some are making a very good case that RAV is about the select few making some extra buck$ off the ****ing, good for **** olympic boondoggle.