Saturday, October 18, 2008


At last...some good news and some legitimate news.

Mike Mccarthy's front page piece in Friday's Courier tells the most encouraging story about the Aboriginal Mother Centre and Builders without Borders.

Neil Griggs, the architect and planner, who is the passion behind Builders without Borders, deserves all our thanks and praise for doing exactly what should be done and what can never be done by governments.

The Pivot Legal Society is completely wrong in kvetching that this kind of project relieves the government of its responsibility to build social housing.

A) Pivot might start by simply being thankful for this great initiative.

B) They might recognize that government has contributed many dollars to this project, and

C) Governments never have Vision or Passion and they can never do this kind of good work. They never have and they never will. Always look to non-profits and the private sector to do good in the world.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this story - wow this is a fabulous project.
You are correct about charity and practical solutions coming from the private and non profit sector. Governments are too political to be practical. I think they have lost their way in what governing is.
I will watch this progress and support it however I am able.
As it is all volunteer I think I might even see about getting my hands dirty.

MurdocK said...

Pivot is not a group worth listening to regarding 'watchdogging' this issue.

They are always looking for their next hand-out and an 'angle' to suck any financial energy from the poor and downtrodden. They are the perfect example of the 'poor pimps' that use any money they get to...get more money.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Murdoch in regards to Pivot.
I would suggest that Pivot is an intregal part of the 200 Social Agencies in the 10 square block section of the DTES, that work to insure that they can afford Car Leases, morgages in the Burbs, and latte's before "doing lunch", while their constituant's plight only worsens.
As to the Project that you have Posted David, all the power to them!