Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reach Out - Again...


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest pop/r&b songs ever written. Whatever happened to the quality of the r&b genre anyway?

Anonymous said...

The Four Tops and The Temptations -- my first albums as a teenager.

We had the best music when we were young. Yes, RIP Mr.Stubbs.

Love Minus Zero/No Limit


Anonymous said...

I agree Mo It was the best music and in many ways the best of times. Many of the groups appeared at the Rancho don Carlos in Winnipeg - and what a time we had! The talent, the music, the food - and the dancing.


David Berner said...

Oh June,

You are bringing back major memories with the Rancho Don Carlos.

My late aunt, Toby, who taught me to dance in the lving room of my grandparent's house at 439 St. John's Avenue, used to go to the Rancho for special occasions. She would rave about her evenings there for days afterwards.

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic venue. Winnipeg, at that time was the absolute *best* when it came to nightlife. I recall getting "Our Pet" Juliette's autograph there. You must have just missed it by a few years. I also recall Streisand appearing at the Town And Country; she was not appreciated.... Your Aunt Toby probably went there as well - great shows, food and dancing.

When any member of our family goes back to Winnipeg - two of the "must stop at" destinations are Kelekis and Oscars....but I liked Oscars better when it was in the North End.

Memories - light the corners of my mind.

And are you a good dancer? Did Toby teach you well? I'm sure she did.