Friday, November 28, 2008

Benefits Whom?

The Basi-Virk trial will be delayed again.

This time on the most obscure grounds. The prosecution is taking all the way to the highest court in the land their argument that they must not reveal the identoty of a key informant.

All of that may be supremely important somewhere, somehow.


This case has now become the poster child for jutice delayed is justice denied.

We can hardly be called lone cynics if many of us now believe there are other forces at work here.

The trial will now most likely not be heard until after the spring provincial election.



igetitdoyou said...

Other forces at work, David?????

Experience brings great insight . . . For those of us that have traveled this route before where 'very important' (in their own minds) reputations and their linkages' well being - financially and otherwise - are threatened to be exposed for what they really are. . . it's a practiced formula that is all too familiar: Protect the politically connected circle at any & all costs to ethics or justice.

One has to feel it up close and personal to get the FULL impact of what really happens in our politically tainted BC Supreme Court club - then you grasp how deep the rot runs and it all becomes clear.

The public's increasing awareness of the tricks of the trade in our politically tainted BC Supreme Court system is a good thing. There is profound power in peoples' hands to clean out the system. We are witnessing it in the US with Obama - the change will seep into all social/political and justice structures with time and focus of purpose.

There is much more to be told from experience . . . as the saying goes: "Nothing that is covered up remains covered"

Anonymous said...

Is Gary Collins the secret witness?
Is someone afraid of repercussions from OC?

Anonymous said...

It's NEVER the crime, it is the cover-up that takes people in high places down.
History does, and will repeat itself.

Cheers, Gary.