Friday, November 28, 2008


Here's what we're stuck with for the moment at the highest level of political and government leadership in the land.

The Prime Minister has added nothing in the way of economic stimulus to his current plans. America is scrambling and fighting and re-organizing 24 hours a day to deal with the worst economic downturn in half a century. Billions of dollars will be spent to revive the barely breathing patient. But up here in Everything is Beautiful Land, biz as usual.

This is, in my estimation, Harper's biggest foolishness to date. And it's huge.

Add to that his play to end public financing of political parties and you've got The Week from Dumb.

Now, on the other side of the house, just in case you thought things couldn't get worse, you've got the Twin Goof Brothers of Layton and Dion actually threatening another election.

Is there anyone left in the land who knows the first thing about public service or prudent management?


keith said...

maybe they were right all along, Harper is scary.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back David!

Ah, noting has changed in your fortnight of serene holiday, Canada, the poster child of the 'Peter principal', still pretends that it is an important country, while it drifts away in mediocrity.

The new and improved German Ferries are tied up because they tend to go through fuel like Germans go through beer at Oktoberfest. Die Deutch Zitrones and FastCats, can't anyone build good old Ferry boats anymore, that work!

Still more nonsense from Campbell and now Ottawa is closing in on the 'buffoons' of the year award.

Life goes on!

Anonymous said...

First we had greed is good and look what happened!
Now we have lying is good--the newest social disease caught by both Harper and Campbell.
We are now a banana republic!
Welcome back.

MurdocK said...

??We are now a banana republic!??

Been one for quite a while, only our banana's were wheat, now oil...

A Nationalist said...

Stupid gambit all around.

The Tories don't have a deep enough bench to play this game.

And the opposition would be unwise to call an election over their God-given right to taxpayer funding.

The Tories MUST withhold their financial stimulus package until after the Protectionist Obamatons have announced their own stimulus deal ...