Friday, November 28, 2008


Muslim insurgents? Pakistani militants? Al Queda cousins?


Please don't ask me to understand them.

Please don't ask me to understand their complaints and their actions.

The wiser among you will argue that we must understand our enemies.

Deepak Chopra, that colossal snake-oil salesman and multi-millionaire fake, spoke passionately on CNN the other day about our need to "accommodate."

Bless me and pity me. For I am one of the Limited Ones.

I see no reason that can explain the Mumbai attacks.

I see no accomplishment.

Mumbai, like 911, is an act of senseless evil. Stupid, directionless young men were manipulated into using guns and grenades to kill innocent flesh.


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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, but as the young woman from Pakistan who took my blood yesterday said." Ah, an excellent mind" when referring to whomever planned the attacks. See, we let anyone into this country!