Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bridge Question

Have we had one incident ever in the history of Vancouver of Someone falling out of the walking and cycling sidewalk into traffic?

If we have, I missed it.

Peter Ladner wants a fence. Cost $33 Million.

Gregor Robertson wants lanes given over to bicycles and alternating traffic lanes for cars.

Cost $20 million over 6 months.

The Burrard Bridge is already a nightmare if you are driving a car.

Turning it into the Stanley Park Causeway/Lions Gate with alternating lanes will create the worst bottleneck in the city.

Leave it alone, boys.

Fight another fight.

Try something important.


Anonymous said...

The Burrard Bridge/bicycle debate is a non debate fueled by lack of transit policy and wing-nut cycle types.

When it rains, no one uses a bike.

Pelalusa said...

It did happen to one woman. But I bet you that more people have jumped off the Burrard Street Bridge than have ever been killed as a result of the bicyclist/pedestrian issue on it.

I actually ride my bike on a fairly regular basis in the summer over that bridge. Only once in a while is it busy but even then it's no problem.

This is yet another example of political correctness gone mad. What's really going on here is that a small group of zealots feel that no one should be driving cars ... period. And Ladner & Robertson are both trying to appease them ... using our precious money, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe only one person has fallen out of the walking lane and into traffic - but a lot of pedestrians are hit and often killed or severely injured due to lack of proper pedestrian controlled traffic lights, left turn signals at busy intersections and speed bumps and other traffic speed control measures in high pedestrian use areas.

Perhaps this 20 - 33 Million could be spent on this type of upgrading in the city.

Lives would actually be saved.

Linda Yuill