Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lies of Omission

Both local dailies have been merciless in their criticism of Gregor Robertson and his famous one-zone blackout, with the Province leading the charge.

The Sun says that Transclunk claims upwards of $10 Million are lost each year from unpaid fares.

Get real.

Make that more than $20 Million.

I was the moderator at a Ladner-Robertson debate 6 days ago.

Here's what Gregor Robertson said.

"People need to pay their fair share of Translink."

He said that while not for a moment admitting that he had this charge waiting for him or that he was going to go to court to contest it.

And we are being asked to trust him.

He also said on that evening that we need a mental health advocate for the city.

Of course, we desperately need a mental health worker for City Hall, but that's another story, isn't it?

Robertson's argument for a new mental health advocate is this: We already have a drug policy coordinator and and homelessness coordinator and "they add incredible value to the city."

These are direct quotes.


If the drug policy coordinator and the homelessness coordinator add such incredible value to the city, then things have definitely changed for the better, right?


They haven't?


He sure is cute.


Anonymous said...

"People need to pay their fair share of TransLink."

Damn right!, Let the Vancouver taxpayer pay their fair share of RAV. Let's see light rail on Arbutus $100 million to $200 million - RAV subway under Cambie St. $1.25 billion to $1.75 billion; so let the Vancouver taxpayer shell out at least $1 billion more on their property taxes to pay for this needless subway!

Makes Robertson's paltry coppers look like nothing doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please leave the small stuff alone for a change, concentrate on things that really make a difference. So what if he made a a $1.00 mistake. I believe him when he explains it the way he does. Leave this trivial issue alone and as the missive I used when working a manager, "hard on the problem soft on the person."

Yes, I like Jordan Bateman out here in Langley Township where I live. He is a very straight forward young man who always responds promptly to any issues I've raised with him.

Anonymous said...

"He sure is cute."

Perhaps my taste is all in my mouth, but I do not find this character "cute" - or attractive in any way. I tend to be attracted to straight forwardness, honesty - those types of little things which make a man attractive.


Anonymous said...

Not really following the Robertson story, I see he paid a 1 zone fare, instead of a 2 zone fare. Simple mistake.

In truth, he did not evade the fare, rather paid for a 1 zone fare, this begs many questions.

1) What time of day did the incident happen? Was he still under the impression that mid-day off-peak fares were eliminated a few years back?

2) Was he a frequent user of transit or was this trip a one shot affair and he was unfamiliar with the fare payment method.

3) It seems everyone in politics have free transit passes, was he entitled to one?

4) The $183 fines does seem rather high for a 1 zone mistake and such onerous rules makes me not want to take transit. I'll wager Mr. Robertsons fine and public disgrace will make just use the car next time.

True story: My wife took a bus to work 2 weeks ago on a Saturday. Unsure of the fare (it's $5 peak fare weekdays) for a off-peak fare, she asked the bus driver.

The bus driver replied "What the hell you think it is" and was later heard to mutter, "dumb bitch" after she paid $3.00 (all the coin she had).

If this is the way Transclunk operates then I say good riddance to them and good luck Gregor in court, these twits deserve a slap in the face.

Anonymous said...

It's not trivial! Anonymous. Small stuff
I've made a mistake before as well.
I quite often return my library books late.
Guess what, I suck it up and pay the "darn" fine.
It speaks of a persons character when they decide to take a fine to court, don't mention it when they run for public office and in fact talk about transit a lot and don't mention their existing COURT date.
All of a sudden they are trying to say that they are SPEAKING up for low income individuals.
I'm low income and I pay my fines.

Anonymous said...

Judy Graves has, for over a decade, prowled the DTES to help the homeless--get shelter (if any are available). She does not get the support she needs from Sam (let's create a police state) Sullivan or Peter Ladner. Time for a change in Vancouver. Get rid of this developer-backed group.

MurdocK said...

Beauty and Folly are old companions.

~ B. Franklin

Anonymous said...

Gregor fought for the families along the horrendous Canada Line -
Ladner helped plough them under by refusing all financial help.
Again and again, and in the face of all the despair right under his nose.

What did Ladner know, and when?
He was on council when these decisions were being made.

The choice on this REALLY BIG ISSUE - is clear.

Anonymous said...

Gregor cannot be trusted - full stop. He covered up this matter with his own party, then embarrassed them in public with spin and cover-up.

This is not about the fine, or the fact that a wealthy guy with a $98,000 MLA salary would not pay it, it's the cover up that ensued.

That's why people are calling it GREGORGATE.