Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am a right wing fundamentalist Christian Suburbanite

I must be, because I do not favor Insite and Harm Section.

According to a Chad Skelton piece in today's Sun "municipal candidates in Vancouver are far more likely to support harm-reduction measures like needle exchanges and supervised injection sites than those in the suburbs, according to an exclusive survey of candidates by The Vancouver Sun.

A whopping 74 per cent of Vancouver candidates surveyed said they agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, "Harm reduction measures like needle exchanges and the supervised injection site are a good idea."

In contrast, just 37 per cent of Metro Vancouver candidates outside Vancouver agreed with the statement."

I was going to vote for Geoff Meggs for City Council, for example. But this article tells me that Meggs strongly supports these disasters. I won't vote or him or anyone else who doesn't see the ruin in these measures.

On the other hand, Jordan Bateman, an incumbent councillor in Langley Township, wrote on his survey that he strongly disagrees with harm-reduction measures.

"I just don't see how you can provide drugs to addicts and expect them to get out of addiction," said Bateman.

But, as we all know, folks like Bateman and me are Neanderthals. We just somehow can't get the prevailing wisdom brought down from the mount by those two Gods of Clear Public Thought, Larry Campbell and Philip Owen.

So what, you may ask, am I doing living in West Point Grey, disguising myself as a left-of-center, liberal-minded modern man?

Just messing with the public perception, I guess.

I can't wait to join all my new friends in Chilliwack.


Anonymous said...

The candidates for Vancouver are afraid to disagree with needle exchange and Insite because they know the rabid "poverty industry" will come after them with a vengeance.
The suburbs don't want them to arrive on their doorstep because they have seen what a success they are in the Downtown Eastside (cough,cough,cough)
I guess I'm another West Point Grey suburbanite.
Who has actually lost family members to addiction (long before the nonsense of harm reduction took place) It sure hasn't made things better.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Well, as a "suburbanite", I'd like to thank the voters of Vancouver for electing a succession of city governments, mayors and councils both complicit, who have made the Lower Mainland a magnet for drug addicts everywhere.
Thanks one hell of a lot, folks. /sarc (just in case some of these dim bulbs don't get it)

Pelalusa said...

You're not an extreme right wing Jesus freak living out in the suburbs, David?! Why on earth have I been following your blog these many years then??? :-)

Wouldn't it be nice that when people are polled on any issue, that they're then given some follow-up questions to understand their depth of knowledge of said issue.

That would give us a much greater understanding of how to interpret the poll results. But of course, it would also conflict with the narrative of those who paid for the poll. And we can't have that, can we?!

Anonymous said...

You know, I kind of feel sorry for right wing fundamentalist Christian Suburbanites. No irony here.

When polls that show differences in opinion show demographics like area where respondents live (sometimes other information, like faith, profession, age, etc are also included), they allow people to casually dismiss opinions of others. Oh, there just the Christian Right - they just do what the church says and don't know the issues.

I know this because when I went to a labour protest one time, it was reported that I, and everyone else there, were "professional protesters" and "just union people" Very easy to dismiss my very real concerns with the treatment of labour, minimum wage and other social issues. Just dismiss me as an intelligent, thinking person all-together by lumping me with a fabricated perception of a particular demographic. BTW - I am NOT a "professional protester" - I have been to only one rally in my life.

Keep messing with public perception Dave, and remember, people in other demographics will often surprise you too!!

Take care.

Linda Yuill