Saturday, November 29, 2008


Now we started the Korean War.

David Ahenakew, the First Nations leader who explained a while back why Hitler was right to "fry a lot of those guys" and thus lost his Order of Canada citation, among other disgraces visited upon his righteous head, has now offered this tasty tidbit of History According to the Truly Nutty:

Jews started the Korea War.


And the Second World War and the Peloponessian War and right back there all the way through time.

This 75-year old man is so sad.

He now babbles incomprehensibly and we record every little nuance.

Could someone please lead him to pure waters and give him a cookie and hold his hand.


Pelalusa said...

And I always thought it was the Martians who started the Korean War!

Anonymous said...

God, why do the media give this idiot the time. Ignore him and what he says. Every time I hear some twit say it was the 'Jews' who did this and that I cringe, turn around and tell them what I think.

With all the evil and injustices that has happened to the Jewish nation and peoples, can't we say enough already and begone.