Saturday, November 29, 2008

Victor on Ottawa

Looking at events transpiring in Ottawa, one has to take a moment to
appreciate the absurdity of it all.

Three men, from three opposing political parties, one of whom is
committed to the destruction of Canada will visit Canada's Head of
State. They will appeal to her to let them take over government, based
on their united vision for the country. Three months ago they were
savaging each other as political incompetents incapable of either
vision or leadership.

The Head of State was appointed by former Prime Minister shortly
before he was tossed out of office. Her previous experience consisted
of hosting a Quebec TV show that had lower ratings than the Latvian
Accordian Hour. Her husband dallied with separatists.

It is to laugh. The alternative is too sad to contemplate.


MurdocK said...

What alternative is that David?

BC finally saying,
"Thanks for the party favors but the rusty railroad to nowheresville Ontario is not good enough to keep BC in confederation any longer."???

I really think that it will be a BC-Alberta decision to stop wasting money in the Ottawa pit of incompetence, 1st by telling the mounties to take their dog & pony show back east. Then re-starting our own BC based banks to issue BC silver or gold backed notes. Finally to ignore any demands of 'equalization' nonsense coming from Ottawa. If we just ignore them, they cannot force anything from us since the military is simply...gone to their graves in Afghanistan.

What is your alternative David?

Anonymous said...

Stop with that ancient myth about the Quebecois. They aren't going anywhere and have no intention of ever leaving. It is sordidly out of dant to continue this nonsense.

keith said...

Frank Ogden, (aka Dr. Tomorrow), made the prediction a couple of years ago that Canada would break apart into three countries.
Is this the catalyst that starts it all?

Pelalusa said...

Welcome back, David, welcome back! And little did I know until now (Saturday afternoon) that you've been blogging up a storm!

I agree wholeheartedly with everything Victor said. And especially now, that the public funding removal idea (which I actually support) has been laid to waste.

Precisely on what basis do the Liberals and NDP and their separatist brethren now have for discarding a democratically elected government just 46 days ago?

You hinted on another post that there's not enough of an economic stimulus from the Conservatives. Poppycock I say to that, David! Canada is in much better shape than any other G8 country. Our banking system is not in trouble. So on what prudent financially sound basis should the government be "injecting" billions of dollars into the economy? As a Western Canadian, you can't possibly be supporting the idea of giving the Big 3 automakers and the Quebec forest industry any more money, can you?!

What our pretty GG should do is declare an economic stimulus plan by forcing the parties to hold another election. That'll inject $300 Million into the pockets of Average Joes and Janes across the country. Then let the people of Canada decide how they feel about the Liberals & NDP ignoring the mandate of the people recently delivered.

But I expect what she will do is let the Cabal of Trois rule the roost. If this doesn't have serious negative repercussions that may even shake the foundations of unity in the West, then I'll be shocked.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Palalusa, David. Force another Federal Election. It would guarantee that Back Pack Boy, and the Talking Moustache would be sent into oblivion. The ire of the electorate would know no bounds.

Cheers, Gary.

nachtwache said...

Quebec might never leave, but they'll keep trying and in the meantime they are holding the threat of separation over the heads of the politicians and the rest of Canada, getting all kinds of demands met, our tax money thrown at them to try and keep them happy. I for one am sick of it.
Send those that don't like to live in Canada back to France, compliments of the Canadian tax payers.
If it comes to another election, I hope the people will give the Conservatives a majority.
I can't write what I think of the other parties, just bleeeep!