Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boo! (We don't really like you.)

It's a classic example of how the politicians and the mandarins attack the good works of someone they don't like, someone who threatens them with her honesty or bad news.

The someone in this instance is BC's children's watchdog, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond and we have written often on these pages in her praise.

In the latest skirmish, her own government has been questioning her right to rent office space.

She's supposed to invite her staff over to her breakfast nook at home, unplug the toaster and the microwave and light up the notebooks?

These are such old, such tired, such cheap, such transparent tricks, this so-called budget committee should be given the Casper the Ghost Award for Silly Spookdom.


Anonymous said...

David, I'm ever so tired of Canadian/BC/civic politicians; the lot of them are corrupt. Corrupted by power and a definite lack of democratic process.

We have now in power a cadre of self serving, evil ( a banal evil), and dogmatic people. How they got elected is testament of Canada's undemocratic democracy. Backroom deals and ignorance are they key in getting elected.

I'm afraid Canada will not last another 20 years unless there is a dramatic reversal.

Dave C. said...


I wasn't aware that you had publicly supported the work of our Child Advocate. I commend you. She is exactly the person that this province needs to protect and advocate for our children, especially our native children. It is outrageous that she has to deal with the pettiness that she has experienced at the hands of Campbell's government. At arm's length from the premier (it's so hard to use that title) no less. I think she would bury him in a debate about her role, but he clearly has chosen to hide behind a bean counter. For shame, Gordon.

MurdocK said...

looks like money got into that Governmentium again...

Anonymous said...

Gordon always hides behind a bean counter. The only time we see him is when he cuts a ribbon or tells us how special he is.
Has anybody really talked to him, or had an answer from anybody other than a minister?
In fact, does Gordon even exist?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there's no doubt the man exists. I know, because the Hawaii police took a picture of him.

Liz J.