Thursday, December 4, 2008

Leaders of Our Times

Nothing speaks to the incompetence of the Federal Bumbling, Stumbling, Rumbling Liberal party better than this:

"Adding to the discomfort with his leadership was the fact that last night Mr. Dion and his team couldn't even get his televised national address – a speech intended to counter Mr. Harper's appeal – to TV networks on time.

The production values of the tape were also poor, with Mr. Dion out of focus at times. It appeared his head was emerging from the shelf behind him."

The above is taken from a Jane Taber piece in this morning's Globe.

By now, you may have learned that Parliament has been shut down until Jan. 26th.

Here are the opening paragraph's of the Globe's on line news just after noon, eastern time.

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has obtained Governor-General Michaëlle Jean's consent to temporarily shut down Parliament, a move that allows him to avoid a confidence vote next week that he was expected to lose.

It's a blow for the Liberal-NDP coalition, backed by the separatist Bloc Québécois, that was seeking to replace the minority Conservative goverment.

The development buys time for Mr. Harper to assemble an economic package that he hopes will discourage the multiparty alliance from taking him down at that time.

Have yourself a merry little...


Anonymous said...

Out of focus and 15 minutes late.

Or vitriol and hatred towards the Constitution of Canada.

Hmmm .. which do I prefer?
This is gonna be a tough election.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that one of the books on the shelf behind Dion was entitled "Hot Air"?


MurdocK said...

Doesn't matter what the Conservatives do. Say. Jump-up-and-down-with-their-arms-flapping-and-take-off-eh!

The 'troika' is prepared to take them down for the count.

Sad day really.

I actually think that the bag-of-mixed-up-nuts should have been told to take over long enough to bollux things up right royally then when the BQ decided that there was no more ca$h to grab the whole rotten structure would collapse.

Did you hear what the PQ claimed the BQ had already gotten as a concession from the 'troika'?
I heard it reported as $1 BILLION.

We would have been back to the polls by mid-January and then the national resolve might have something to say.

This way I think the Liberals should bash Dion over the head with a blunt object and hold their Leadership convention next week!

I also do not think that the NDP will come away totally unscathed from this debacle either. Last I heard there were a number of prominent Dippers that were saying no-way to the coalition.

The only winner will likely be the BQ, expect them to take 52 seats or more.

Unless the Libs have a new leader the 'pizza' parliament will return, count on it.

keith said...

Trudeau's Liberals were elected with a minority in 1972 and were supported by the NDP.
The NDP paid a steep price for supporting the Liberals in the next election, losing many ridings including the seat of their leader David Lewis.